Jill Kahn, M.A., L.P.C.
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Jill KahnIn 1996, Jill became ordained as a non-denominal minister and performed her first wedding in Yosemite. She immediately became enamored of the process of working with couples in a different way, and has officiated for over 30 wedding ceremonies since, in California, Washington, and Idaho. Each ceremony is uniquely crafted after a consultation with the couple, with a fervent wish to create a meaningful and beautiful ceremony that meets the specific vision of the Bride and Groom.

Jill draws from her experience of various spiritual and religions traditions. Her repertoire includes Christian, Jewish, Native American, Sufi, and Pagan, as well as more secular ceremonies. Some elements couples have chosen to incorporate have been candle-lighting, tree-planting, glass-breaking, exchanging bundles, creating a chuppa, fireworks, smudging, handfasting, as well as poetry, readings, and live music.

The exchange of matrimonial vows should be a significant and memorable reflection of the commitment being made by a couple. This is the intention that Jill brings to her services as an Officiant.

A fee of $225 includes couple consultation, creation of a unique ceremony, wedding rehearsal, as well as officiating the wedding vows.