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Couples Therapy

The process begins with an initial assessment, consisting of a joint history-gathering session, after which partners are given extensive questionaires to complete at home. These are returned at individual sessions with each partner. The therapist then compiles this data, and at a fourth session, the couple is presented with an evaluation of the their strengths and deficits. Psycho-educational information is presented, to clarify what works and what doesn’t in relationship. The couples issues are addressed using new strategies to teach a more effective process.

Couples Marathon

This service is designed for couples in acute distress and/or who are geographically unable to do traditional couples therapy with a Gottman certified therapist. It usually begins with the same assessment used in weekly therapy. The marathon consists of 10 hours of therapy done over a two-day period. Issues are pursued in depth, using Gottman interventions to practice healthier forms of communication.

The Art and Science of Love Workshop

This is a two-day workshop for couples that involves education as well as experiential exercises.

Couples learn:

  • research-based relationship skills that dramatically improve intimacy and friendship
  • how to resolve conflict in a healthy, productive way
  • what successful couples do to foster romance and harmony

No public disclosure or group work is required.

Level 1 Training

Designed for Therapists, this two-day training offers:

  • research-based strategies and tools to help couples successfully manage conflict
  • skills that empower couples to dialogue about gridlocked issues by uncovering underlying history, dreams, and values
  • methods to help couples process their fights and heal wounds
  • techniques for couples to deepen their intimacy and minimize relapse
  • assessments and interventions to help understand couples’ struggle

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